Broadway Teaching Group

One Day Choreography Workshop
Sunday, July 15, 2018

On Your Feet Dance Class.jpeg

2018 One Day Choreography Workshop


July 15, 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm


Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue


1. Contemporary Choreography

HAMILTON’s success has only amplified the amazing impact that contemporary choreography can have on a production. This session will help expand your contemporary choreographic vocabulary and broaden your scope of what new kinds of movement can work on stage.

2. Choreography for Non-Dancers

What do you do with your big number when you are given a group of “singers who move well?” How do you encourage your less experienced students in a welcoming and unthreatening environment? This workshop will give practical advice on how to get everyone to embrace their inner dancer.

3. Building a Number Organically

Work with a Broadway choreographer on building a number from scratch. What are the first steps? Where can you find inspiration that will help support character, plot and the score for the show? This “on your feet” class will put you in the middle of the creative process and give you a framework for creating choreography for your students and productions. 


$249 if taken in conjunction with the Broadway Teachers Workshop
$269 if taken independently.