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One Day Tech Workshop
Sunday, July 8, 2018

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2018 One Day Tech Workshop

This special one-day event includes three workshop session, exploring practical low budget solutions for your production needs.  Taught by design and technical experts currently working in New York, we'll focus on your specific questions and get practical solutions from our guest master class teachers. 


3 Masterclasses

1. Stage Illusion and Magic


This workshop will focus on creating exciting and economical special effects for theatre.  Participants will explore easy ways of creating illusions, magic, and various effects in a budget-conscious production.  Learn how to collaborate with scenic, lighting and props designers to create compelling theatrical magic, along with manual dexterity, sleight of hand, misdirection, and psychology. Used to great acclaim in this season's Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, stage magic is a thrilling way to enhance narrative and visceral impact.


2. Stage Design: Economy and Ecology




3.  Wig, Hair and Makeup Design


This workshop will explore how to reduce, reuse and recycle when designing and building your shows.  It's heartbreaking to realize that most sets get discarded the day after the show closes, ending up in a dumpster or remote storage facility. It's even more frustrating to realize how much you could do with even a small portion of those scenic elements. This workshop will cover ideas for construction methods that capitalize on reusing existing pieces from previous productions, pooling resources to share elements, creating stock units that will serve as the foundation for more than one production, and recycling by making audacious and unusual choices in materials (chandeliers out of cat food cans, broken umbrellas and chewing gum),  working with greener manufacturers,, and by accessing an amazing array of organizations which collect and redistribute building materials and theatrical sets to educational and non-profit institutions.


An introduction to the world of possibilities for using hair and makeup to enhance your story telling. This workshop will cover period hair styles and facial hair, Period Make-up, Wig Styling and Maintenance, and Special Effects Make-up.


How to Register



$249 in conjunction with any BTW Session. 
($269 for the Tech Day Only.) 

Register as an "add on" to any BTW Session or independently as a one day event!