Explore the history of America through a thrilling new lens, with music that sounds like today and a story that will grip you from start to finish.

The winner of 11 Tony Awards®
including Best Musical

A Fresh Look at the Founding Fathers

Hamilton is the story of the unlikely Founding Father determined to make his mark on the new nation as hungry and ambitious as he is. From bastard orphan to Washington’s right-hand man, rebel to war hero, a loving husband caught in the country’s first sex scandal, to the Treasury head who made an untrusting world believe in the American economy.

George Washington, Eliza Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton’s lifelong friend/foil Aaron Burr all make their mark in this astonishing new musical exploration of a political mastermind.

A New Dawn for Broadway

Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda originated the title role as the unlikely founding father determined to make his mark on a new nation as hungry and ambitious as he is. Now one of America’s preeminent artists, Lin has been honored with three Tony Awards, five Grammy Awards, two Laurence Olivier Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, an Annie Award, a MacArthur Fellowship Award, a Kennedy Center Honor, and a Pulitzer Prize.

‘Hamilton’ is brewing up a revolution. It’s not possible to top the adrenaline rush.”
The New York Times

“Plugged straight into the wall socket of contemporary music. This show makes me feel hopeful for the future of musical theater.”
The Wall Street Journal

Teacher Reviews

No Title

June 12, 2023

The musical emphasizes the importance of love, family, and friends in building a solid foundation for one’s success by fusing traditional and modern musical genres. Hamilton explores the significance of fundamental, understandable human values. Along

Nicole Felix

No Title

May 30, 2023

Hamilton ultimately tells a story about what it means to leave behind a legacy, using modern musical elements to help bridge the gap between stories of the past and people of the present. Its mature themes may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Leana Hoang

No Title

May 6, 2023

Perhaps there’s nothing left to say about this blockbuster but Hamilton offers an absorbing approach to learning about American history and imparts essential lessons on leadership, diversity, and tenacity.

Rachel Soszynski

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