& Juliet

A fresh, edgy, pop culture spin on the age-old tale of Romeo and Juliet.

This hilarious new musical asks: What would happen next if Juliet didn’t end it all over Romeo?

Created by the Emmy®-winning writer from Schitt’s Creek

Shakespeare Goes Pop Culture!

Get whisked away on a fabulous journey as she ditches her famous ending for a fresh beginning and a second chance at life and love—her way.

Juliet’s new story bursts to life through a playlist of pop anthems as iconic as her name, including “Since U Been Gone”‚ “Roar”, “Baby One More Time”, “Larger Than Life”‚ “That’s The Way It Is”, and “Can’t Stop the Feeling” – all from the genius songwriter/producer behind more #1 hits than any other artist this century.

Discover this alternative take, in which Juliet is not simply a cautionary tale but a young woman coming of age to explore what she really wants in this life. And with music by the legendary Max Martin and a book by David West Read, the show is simply a must-see.

The notorious heroine Juliet shines bright in this modernized story. But & Juliet is not just a fun time – it also illuminates an important message for younger audiences. This version of Juliet is no meek and gentle dame in distress. The character turns into a great example of a strong and determined heroine. She knows what she wants and goes after it. She is fearless and passionate. Imperfect, too. But this Juliet always stands up for what she believes in.

There is no better show for groups than & Juliet. The perfect mix of a classic Shakespeare tale and a modern story, this Broadway musical is sure to entertain the whole family. Any type of group will be delighted by this Broadway interpretation, but with its coming-of-age story and message, it’s especially perfect for younger girls. Additionally, the show is excellent both for those who have long adored Shakespeare and those who could hardly get through a few pages of his works. & Juliet makes Shakespeare accessible and modern while keeping all the best that the literal icon had to offer.

Teacher Reviews


June 12, 2023

This beautiful musical sends a powerful to message to accept and love everyone in our lives and to celebrate everything each person has to offer. This amazing message needs to be represented and witnessed more often on stage.

Jennifer Davies

Fabulous and Light Hearted!

May 14, 2023

This jukebox musical was fast paced, extraordinarily witty and exhilarating! The twist on Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet gave Juliet the power to be an individual and show diversity!

Michele Erickson

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