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 “Knowledgeable, dedicated, invested - I couldn't have asked for a better college audition coach than Holly-Anne. From selecting pieces to suit who you are, inside and out, to making sure you are confident and prepared along your college audition journey, Holly-Anne prepares and motivates you ever step of the way. Approaching my senior year in high school, I was initially intimidated by the whole college audition process, but Holly-Anne thoroughly prepared me, making me confident and ready to dive into my college auditions. I absolutely love working with Holly-Anne; she is fun, professional, and caring, which only translates to be nothing less than a wonderful experience.”

-Carolyn (College Audition Student, 2012-2013)

 “There is no way that I would have been able to get into school this year without Holly-Anne – literally NO.  WAY.  She helped me with everything – choosing my pieces, talking to me in the middle of the night when I was panicking about my essays – calling the admissions departments to help me set up auditions – literally – EVERYTHING.  And now I’m going to The Hartt School next year!!!  She’s the best – hands down.”

-Kevin (College Audition Student, 2012-2013)

“We signed up our son, Logan, for the summer college workshop in 2012 …the workshop was excellent…What we did not know was that Holly-Anne was to remain an integral part through the audition process over the many months.  We were able to take advantage of both Skype sessions and in person sessions during one of her visits to Maine.  Logan was able to continue to build his repertoire, get solid feedback, get assistance with finding "just the right song and monologue" specific to certain schools.  Holly-Anne was very receptive to our emails and helped direct us as parents as well….

It was a tremendous service and one that made the process so much easier due to her knowledge of the schools and how things work in the audition process.  She was always direct and encouraging but always provided the kind of feedback needed for these auditions (that would not be available from the panel in a college audition). 

As a parent, I especially liked her philosophy of rejection, which indicates that the school is not the right choice if you did not get in.  She is able to communicate this to the kids effectively, realistically and with compassion…..Thanks Holly-Anne, we really feel like we were provided with an invaluable service.  You will continue to do very well in life and we know that Logan has learned a lot from working with you”.

–Anna (College Audition Parent, 2012-2013)

"Meeting Holly-Anne was probably the best thing that could've happened to me the summer before my senior year. She helped me get organized for the busy months to come, gave me a solid list of schools I should apply to, and supplied a good set of resources to pull material from. Without her, I would have been completely underprepared! Always available and willing to help whenever I needed her, she calmed me and gave me great advice when some of my schools changed their requirements last-minute. I couldn't have gotten into NYU without her help!"

-Danielle, 2012-2013 Student (Will be attending NYU Tisch in the Fall of 2013)

 “ Holly-Anne I couldn’t have done all of this without you. I am thrilled beyond belief- Thank you SO much for advocating for me at Pace and all my other schools. I'm watching my dreams become reality right before my eyes!”

-Addi (College Audition Student, 2012-2013)

“... Because of Holly-Anne's expert coaching and guidance, my daughter sailed through auditions with utmost confidence and success!... Holly-Anne was instrumental in my daughter passing her pre-screen and getting a callback!... With first hand experience and having been on the other side of the table, Holly-Anne provided valuable insight and advice throughout the college audition process.... As a Broadway director, Holly-Anne was the best coach for my daughter, preparing her for college and professional auditions.”

-Cathy (College Audition Student, 2012-2013)

 “I don't know if I can really convey this over email, but I think you are so sweet and nurturing and honest and amazing. I don't know how I would have gotten through auditions without your help and direction. Thank you for being such a lovely person and amazing coach. I left every session feeling confident in myself and in my abilities. I seriously love you so much!” 

-Jake (College Audition Student, 2012-2013)

“….I thought that my head was going to explode, the entire process was so overwhelming and then along came Holly-Anne. Not only does she possess the knowledge to bring the kids through every aspect of the process, she cares about each of her students like they’re her own.  She became a household name from August until February and even traveled with us to some of the auditions.  She will forever be a part of our lives as she has helped our entire family through this difficult but amazing journey and now Darren will be attending New York University – Tisch School of the Arts in the fall!”

-Marisa (College Audition Parent, 2012-2013)


“Holly-Anne has helped me through the long and difficult process that is known as college auditions. Working with her was the best decision I have made in my entire life. Holly-Anne has helped me from the start; be it choosing the schools, making my prescreening and going to the auditions! She knows exactly what she is doing and has always been there for me during the whole process!”

-Lauren (College Audition Student, 2012-2013)


“To all you Moms, Dads & MTers out there.... Holly-Anne was absolutely amazing during my daughter's college audition process!  She was 100% honest, energetic and so fun to work with but most important of all, she was knowledgeable about EVERYTHING college! And what was so special about her was that she was ALWAYS there for us, no matter where she was, no matter what time of day.  Love her!!!  Thank you Holly-Anne for everything! Xoxoxo Maria (exhausted mother)”

– (Maria, College Audition Parent, 2012-2013)