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Testimonials for
Broadway Teachers Workshop


I want you to know what a profound impact your workshops have had on my teaching and directing. I have been teaching theatre for 35 years and you know the old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Well, your 2010 and 2011 workshops have inspired this old dog to revamp and re-think most aspects of her curriculum. Last summer’s Spiderman production and workshop inspired me to devise sets which would transform themselves into another setting while onstage. We’ve added a wealth of props whose concept was founded in our amazing BTW props workshop. My students practiced new techniques with renewed confidence when auditioning for my shows, other city theatre companies or for admission to our Dallas Arts Magnet school, Booker T. Washington. Stephen Sondheim’s stories about the impact teachers had on his life made clear the awesome responsibilities each of us has every day in the classroom. Thank you, thank you, for this incredible learning opportunity. I look forward to seeing you in July.

Susan M.


“I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the effort and time you all put into the BTW this year.  This first experience was fantastic and I was continually amazed at the access, quality of sessions, performances, and genuine desire to bring together the academic and professional worlds of Theatre.  It was simply one of the finest and most energizing professional workshops in which I participated.”

Scott W., Kinard Junior High School



I just received news today that I achieve National Board certification as a teacher of theater. My single highest score was a demonstration lesson based on a status activity which I got at your workshop in 2009. Thank you so much.  That was a great three days and I hope to make many more trips back to future workshops. 

Charlie J.

“I have come back to New Hampshire with so many new ideas:  I am revitalized and more motivated than ever to make our theater programming dynamite! THANK YOU!!!”

Robin L., Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley

“Having now taken this course for the third consecutive year I am often asked by my colleagues if I'm still getting anything out of this....the answer is simply OH YES! I am able to take new skills, marketing ideas and more back to our group. I look forward to many more years to come as well.” 

Sheryl A.,  Marquee Productions



“The Broadway Teachers Workshop is an outstanding opportunity to experience the richness that great Theatre artists and productions have to offer.  I have worked with the Broadway Teachers Workshop staff for a number of years, and they are cutting-edge planners of great educational experiences!”
Ann McDounough, Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas


“I had a wonderful time - it was so affirming to see the passion, the level of experience and acceptance as a theater professional and an educator, not only from fellow teachers and colleagues, but from the Bway community we were able to meet.  Can't wait for the next opportunity!” 

Michelle B., Duchesne Academy

On behalf of the students of Barriskill Dance Theatre School and Triangle Performing Arts Company in Durham,North Carolina I would like to thank everyone at your organization for an incredible weekend of transformation, life experience and personal growth. The gifts that theatre can bring were evident on every attendees' face at the end of this conference! I cannot tell you how much Broadway Student Summit has injected passion, hope and a re-commitment to being their best into our students and faculty. It is an experience that the students will take with them throughout their lives-whether they become actors or not. 

Michael B., Founder Barriskill Dance Theatre School

There are no words for me to thank you enough for all that you provide.  I enjoyed every single minute of last week's workshop.  I have only been to two, but they have enriched my life in so many ways.  You do a magnificent job of providing the best speakers and performers and shows.  I learned so much, and I find myself hanging onto every word and cherishing every moment.

Ann B.


I just wanted to thank you for creating a marvelous experience for me! The BTW session B was so incredibly arranged. All of the presenters were pro, prepared and patient.  You have designed a brilliant springboard for theatre educators. I feel so recharged and inspired- sincerely, thank you!

MaryLee D., Sacred Heart Academy

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the work that you both put into the workshop.  I did not know what to expect and was so completely blown away by what you accomplished.  The past few days have inspired me, educated me, refilled me and entertained me.  I have been so blessed by this experience.  I took valuable lessons from each session.  I made amazing friends and I connected with people that are in my field doing the exact same job I am doing. Thank you again for all of the time, thought, planning and execution!

J.J. D.

The Broadway Teacher's Workshop- Session A- was the most fantastic learning experience I've ever had! I am still on a high from those fabulous 3 days.  Not only did I get the "inside scoop" on how it's done, I came away with something more valuable than that. The passion and love for their craft was obvious when each actor, director, and theatre professional spoke.  I can't thank you enough. It's a week I will always remember and one I will be sure to return to again and again.

Adrienne S.


"What an incredible time we had at this year’s workshop! We take away so much every year that we attend.  Thank you for having this available to us."

Sean & Margi M.

"My son attended the Broadway Student Summit at the end of April... I wanted to let you know that we appreciated all the hard work that you did in putting together the program. He had a wonderful time in New York and working with such a diverse group of passionate people was truly a special experience."  

Jim C., Durham, NC

“Thank YOU. I have been driving my friends/colleagues crazy, because I have yet to stop talking about the wonderful time I had. As a music educator I have attended countless music workshops, but the BTW was by far the most relevant, exciting workshop I have ever attended, and I look forward to returning.”

Lori E., Willoughby Middle School

It was my third year attending, and I thought it was the best!  I'm teaching a workshop for other theatre teachers in my parish when we return to school, and I can use what I learned directly in the class I'll teach.

Rebecca H.


I cannot thank you enough for the most incredible experience of my career!  The workshop was so enlightening, inspiring, and just FUN!!!  I would not have changed a thing from my perspective.  After reading my summary (written for UNLV) to my parents and friends, they were amazed how much immediately applicable information I brought away from every session.  I am also thrilled about the new contacts and friends I have made from schools and theatres around the country.  My elementary music students will hear stories all year about my experience.  I can’t wait to attend again next year!!!!!

Gina S., Boise, ID