Broadway Teaching Group

One Day Choreography Workshop
Sunday, July 21, 2019

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2019 One Day Choreography Workshop


July 21, 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm


Open Jar Studios, 1601 Broadway (at 48th Street), 11th Floor

1. Student Generated Choreography

This workshop will give participants concrete tools to inspire and engage students in a joyful, rigorous dance experience. A few key strategies include creating the “performance” context from day one, the dynamic use of voice when teaching and rhythmically interesting movement.  Another component of the workshop will include creative movement activities as a tool to engage and give voice to unique student generated composition. The workshop will culminate in a collaborative piece created by both the participants and facilitator. 

2. FOSSE Workshop

Work with a teacher approved by the Fosse/Verdon estate on the fundamentals and nuances of Fosse’s style, technique and philsophy for story telling through dance. Learn ‘waterfall arms,’ ‘slope walk,’ ‘back-bump’ and other staples of his work, while you cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for this uniquely theatrical dance style.

3. Building a Number Organically

Work with Connor Gallagher, choreographer of Broadway's BEETLEJUICE on building a number from scratch. What are the first steps? Where can you find inspiration that will help support character, plot and the score for the show? This class will be equal parts discussion, Q&A and “on your feet” work that will put you in the middle of the creative process and give you a framework for creating choreography for your students and productions. 

*schedule subject to change


$275 if taken in conjunction with the Broadway Teachers Workshop
$325 if taken independently.