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Common Core Workshop

July 17, 2016


Join Peter Avery, Director of Theatre for the New York City Department of Education, to explore promising practices in theatre education.

Participants will engage in dynamic yet practical techniques and approaches that highlight the theatre rehearsal as the best classroom instruction for student learning and engagement.


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Common Core Workshop





Teachers will discuss the impact of Standards in the theatre classroom and vice-versa as well as investigate the crucial loop of instruction, assessment and reflection to improve teaching practice, student learning and the quality of student work.

Practice makes permanent, not perfect. How do we assist students in not simply repeating mistakes? What is behind our rehearsal, student feedback and grading processes? Avery will facilitate the session to draw on a common understanding of what are effective assessment elements (formative and summative for instruction and for evaluation) as well as share effective techniques to be used in production or for more "formal grading" purposes.

Furthermore, this workshop aims to illuminate how the Standards can strengthen your own work, and invite non-theatre educators into the conversation, to support why theatre education matters. We will focus on:

  • The theatre teacher as facilitator

  • Using technology in the classroom and theatre

  • Balanced assessment to engage students

  • Engaging student voices in the theatre process


Peter Avery, Director of Theater for the New York City Department of Education

Peter Avery, Director of Theater for the New York City Department of Education, oversees theater education (preK-12) for the world's largest public school system. In addition to supporting teacher professional development and curriculum efforts; he produces new initiatives with Broadway, theater organizations and higher education; supports teacher training and school leadership as he promotes theater engagement, study and performance for the world's largest public school system.

A theater artist educator and program director for over 20 years, Avery has launched and produced major theater education initiatives such as the first ever Shubert New York City High School Theatre Festival, an innovative Digital Theater Project international partnership and the theater portion of Arts Achieve--a federally funded grant on teacher effectiveness and student assessment in the arts. His theater education background includes teaching and directing, arts management, teacher training, youth outreach and policy advocacy.  Avery presents on theater education nationally and internationally.

Prior to his current position, Avery served as an Education Director developing and directing Disney Theatrical Group’s first Education department as well as serving as the Director of Education for TADA! Youth Theater.   As a teaching artist for over 20 years, he led workshops, taught and directed theater for youth and adults across all abilities—from engagement to performance. 

Avery was a contributing writer for the landmark Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Theater for the NYC Department of Education and provided training and professional development to teachers. He has taught at several universities including the University of Maryland, American University and New York University.  Avery received his MFA in Theater with a concentration in Arts Education from the University of Maryland. 


Common Core Workshop

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