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Sample Workshops



How do you make theatre that speaks to your students?  Let your students help make the theatre!   This workshop will explore methods of "Devised Theatre," creating entire plays through structured group improvisation, interviews, and judicious editing.  This increasingly popular method has been successfully employed by theatre companies worldwide, from Tectonic in New York (The Laramee Project) to Perseverance in Alaska (Columbinus.)


This workshop takes you through a rehearsal process of blocking scenes from classic plays and musicals in various styles.  Explore techniques used by different directors for creating scenes that clearly tell a story, help keep student performers focused, and make best use of your students' strengths.  Splitting into groups, we will direct and perform excerpts from scenes in various styles and assess which ideas and methods worked best for each of us.


Acting a song is as important as vocal production.  Break down songs for acting beats, actions and focus to make your song as thrilling and dramatic as the best scene.  We will work with a director and two Broadway performers, who will perform and adjust their material for you.  And then take your turn in the spotlight as we become the panel for two of our peers.


Known as 'choreography for actors,'  Viewpoints is a technique of composition that provides a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture. Originally developed in the 1970s by choreographer Mary Overlie as a method of movement improvisation, The Viewpoints theory was adapted for stage acting by directors Anne Bogart and Tina Landau.  You'll never think of blocking in quite the same way again.


Explore the options for creating new theatre based on literary works.  This course will take you through the process of adapting a story into a scene and song - and arm you with a structured outline for approaching the idea on a larger scale.  If you've ever considered creating your own stage adaptation of a classic novel, newspaper article, historical event, or personal story - this workshop is for you!


Once you have selected which show to direct, you have a thrilling multi-tiered process awaiting you as director.  This workshop will help you get started by breaking down scenes into dramatic beats -- and mining them for all their values.  Working with scenes from classic plays and musicals, we will break scenes down and analyze them - and then split into groups to dissect and discuss excerpts from scenes in various styles.  This is a great way to help you find inspiration and excitement about your material.


The goal of this course is to help you train the eyes to see what is really there and to use that knowledge in storytelling. What are we really looking at? We will take a deeper look at what we see every day, discuss the composition of the seemingly ordinary and what happens if we change that composition. How does that make us feel? Is there a purposeful reflective judgment that can be made? How does developing our critical thinking skills help us become better theatre artists?  And how to make thoughtful decisions on where to place that damn chair! The skills you will develop are: seeing, communication, collaboration, courage, as well as tapping into the inner visual artist in you! With script analysis as the foundation for the design process discussions will translate ideas found in the text into visual ideas.


Working with a Broadway choreographer, we will build a musical number from the ground up.  Learn five great building blocks for creating choreography, a combination you can use for your dance auditions - and easy methods for assessing your students dance skill, technique and style..  Think of this as your personal bag of tricks!


Due to the overwhelming popularity of The Story Pirates' workshop last summer, we're bringing them back for more rambunctiously hilarious theatre making techniques.  The acclaimed creators of last season's Off-Broadway hit, FOUND at the Atlantic Theatre Company, this ribald group of artists takes students' stories and turns them into theatre.  We were so impressed with their work that we invited them to share more of their methods and madness with us this summer.  Expect to create something fresh, fun and fabulously human in this workshop - and have a new way of storytelling to bring back to your students.


Improv Comedy/Creating Your Own Material: The best and most interesting performers have a spark to them that feels like they are always in the process of inventing, even as they perform.  More and more, theatre artists are training in improvisation to keep their imaginations vivid, their acting fresh, and to free them as writers as well.  This workshop will arm you with surpsingly effective exercises and techniques to delight and inspire your students.


How do you get the best out of your students in an audition situation?  What are the benefits of having group auditions vs. private auditions?  How best to prepare students for the vulnerable and sometimes challenging experience of an audition?  This workshop will explore methods for getting the best out of student performers - and streamlining the casting process for your productions. 


Using your suggestions and individual experiences, Broadway prop creator Jenny Marino will break down method and resources for creating props and effects for your shows.  Whether it's a glass of champagne that won't spill, a dagger, or a body part, she'll share some of her best methods for making realistic and affordable props.


*PLEASE NOTE: All workshops and teachers are subject to change.